3 Dec

Map of the Week: Queering the Map

By Nicole Oveisi

Queering the Map is an online, crowd-sourced mapping project that geolocates queer moments in space. Its purpose is to collectively document spaces where queer memories have occurred. The project aims to move away from the notion that queer life only happens in certain physical spaces (ex. certain neighborhoods) by showcasing queer spaces as more abstract, existing beyond the confines of concrete places.   

Anyone can post a moment onto the map. Go to any specific location in which you took part in queering space, click on the space to add a note, and write about your queer moment. The website has no guidelines on what constitutes a queer experience, however posts are moderated to ensure no spam or hate is added to the site. The project hopes to create a living archive of these queer moments in space.

I travelled around the map to find some queer moments that stood out to me: 

In the capital city of Antananarivo, Madagascar: “summer 2016, met him right here”

In Isfahan, Iran: Shahid Manshei Girls’ Middle School. Where love was more attractive to me than any book or topic, and seeing my first love was the reason for going to school.”

In Montego Bay, Jamaica: “I realized I did not want to grow up to be a woman.”


Learn more about the amazing work Queering the Map is doing by going to their website, and by following them on Facebook and Instagram.