4 Jan

Map of the Week: This April’s Total Solar Eclipse

By Ivana Mowry-Mora

Make sure to mark your calendars for this spring’s Total Solar Eclipse, North America! The celestial spectacle of 2024 will be the “Great North American Eclipse.”

On April 8, the Moon will totally block out the Sun, darkening the Earth during the day time. The eclipse path will stretch across the Pacific Ocean into Mexico, then into the United States beginning in Texas, before continuing into eastern Canada. The largest cities in the path of totality include Montreal, Canada and San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, and Fort Worth, Texas.

Those within the path of totality, or locations where the moon’s shadow will completely cover the sun, will see a total solar eclipse. People outside the path of totality will still be able to see a partial solar eclipse, in which the moon only obscures part of the sun’s face.

Totality will be in sight of approximately 40-50 million people, including those who already live inside the path plus the visitors who come to see it. Not only will viewers be able to see the sun’s corona, but Jupiter and Venus will be visible in the darkened sky. A total solar eclipse won’t be visible across the contiguous US again until August 2044.