20 Feb

Map of the Week: Travel Time to Work in the USA

Traveling to work for many people is simply a part of their daily routine. But have you ever considered if the time that it takes you to get to work is maybe too long, or perhaps if the travel time was shorter, you would be more content with how you spend your time? That is exactly why Business Insider has created a map to show where and how long the country’s average lengthiest commute times are. Typically, many of the towns listed on the map are, “outer-ring suburbs or exurbs of large cities, meaning residents of those towns have to travel pretty far if they work in that central city.” (Insider)

According to the article, data was derived from the American Community Survey, which is run by the U.S. Census Bureau. Each point on the map represents the town in each respective state with, “at least 1000 workers over the age of 16.” (Insider)

As shown by the color of the dots on the map, it takes longer to get to work in some parts of the U.S. than in others. Certain groupings of towns around certain cities such as ones in the North East and in on the West Coast have average commutes that are approaching one hour! Maps like this one can help people better plan where they want to live, depending on how much time they intend to dedicate to their daily work commute. It is clear that few people live right where they work, and at least some commute time must be accounted for. Although some commute times are impressively long, others are more reasonable. These areas might be a new destination for some people who are looking to cut their time commuting.


Written by: Sean Halpin