20 May

Map of the Week: Vintage/3D Hybrids by Sean Conway

by James Mallinson

My Modern Met has shared the work of cartographer and ortho-imaging specialist Sean Conway, and it truly is stunning.

Conway uses publicly-available high resolution scans of vintage maps then takes modern elevation data from scientific databases and geo-references it to the points portrayed on the vintage map image to apply a 3D relief effect. In the event that the vintage map has some inaccuracies, he warps the modern elevation data to line up with the points on the vintage map.

Considering that AGS is 170 years old but with eyes firmly fixed on advancing knowledge of the geospatial technologies of the future, we love the blending of old and new in Conway’s images, taking the style and romance of older maps and using ArcGIS Pro to add the modern topographical effect.

You can see more of Sean’s work at his Twitter feed or Muir Way.