11 May

Map of the Week: Where are the World’s Most Bike-Friendly Cities?


This week is National Bike Week and Friday, May 20th is National Bike to Work Day!┬áNational Bike to Work Day is when cyclists across the country ride together for their health, their cities and the environment (Bike NYC). We mapped the countries with world’s most bike-friendly cities according to the 2013 Copenhagenize Index,┬áproduced by the Copenhagenize Design Co. (a consulting and communications company that specializes in all things cycling-related). The index ranked 150 cities around the world on 13 parameters, including cycling facilities, culture, sharing program, gender split, politics, and traffic calming (Business Insider). Three of the world’s top 15 most bike friendly cities are in the Netherlands, two are in France, and two are in Germany! Go Europe! There were many ties based on the Copenhagenize Index scores (you can read more details about these cities here).



Check out this blog from the Bike Experts that list their top 75 bike friendly cities around the world.

Written by: Kathleen Emerson (5/11/2016)


Bike NYC

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