4 Jul

Map of the Week: Firework Use by State

Happy 4th of July from AGS! For most Americans, Independence Day brings fireworks, but some states will be putting on bigger celebrations than others. Nearly 30,000 tons of explosives are set off on the Fourth of July each year.

This map ranks firework spending per capita for each state based on the dollar amount of firework imports from the US trade Census. The state that uses the most fireworks is Missouri, where there are $6.94 worth of imports per capita and 43.28 million imports total, which leaves enough for each Missourian to set off roughly seven fireworks. Delaware spends the least, as one of the four states where consumer fireworks are banned. Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey also ban consumer purchases of fireworks.

Pyrotechnics have been used to celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence since its first celebration in 1776. Firework shows as we know them today emerged from Europe, where royals used fireworks in extravagant pageants and plays that were associated with national events. The first known use of fireworks at a national celebration was at the wedding of King Henry VII in 1486. By the American Revolution, fireworks were already a popular way of celebrating prosperity and patriotism.



Map: Zippia 

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