21 May

Map of the Week: Red Nose Day

Today is Red Nose Day, a day to highlight the child poverty that exists in the country. People are having fundraisers through entertainment.

The map below displays the percent of children in poverty throughout the states. 22%, 16 million, of children in the United States live below the poverty line. The US has a relatively low percentage of childhood poverty when compared to countries around the world. This means that we have far to go. This map shows that the lower half of the country tends to have higher childhood poverty rates that the north. Mississippi, New Mexico, and Arkansas have the highest rates at 32.1%, 28.6%, and 27.5%. New Hampshire, Maryland, Alaska, and Connecticut have the lowest rates at 10.7%, 12.6%, 13%, and 13.3%.

The classification of child in poverty is anyone under the age of 18, and below the national poverty line. There are so many children in poverty around the world, and change can be made if we all work together. The Red Nose Day event has put together 12 charities where the fundraiser money will be donated. Anyone can run a fundraiser, attend one, or just donate on your own.

Help make a difference today. Happy Red Nose Day!

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By Elise Mazur, AGS Intern

This map shows the percent of children in poverty in each state.

This map shows the percent of children in poverty in each state.