9 Feb

Map of the Week: The City That Never Sleeps

New York City has long been known as “The City That Never Sleeps.” Like a true global metropolis, New York is in constant movement, and the streams of people brushing by on the sidewalks, packing into subways, and filling office and apartment buildings never appears to end – or even rest. Even as the city and surrounding area is covered in snow today, February 9th, major transit and many city dwellers continue to go about their business.


This week’s Map of the Week comes from Darkhorse Analytics and Joey Cherdarchuk. In his explanation, Cherdarchuk writes, “Inspired by John Nelson’s breathing earth and Conveyal’s aggregate-disser post, I wondered if I could make a breathing city.” This map of Manhattan does exactly what it sets out to, and to some extent answers the question: which parts of the city really never sleep?


Using the population of people at work and at home, “Breathing City” sheds some light on which neighborhoods in Manhattan are really burning the midnight oil. Using data pulled from the US Census Bureau and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, this map creates a fascinating visual on its subject.