4 Mar

The Price of Beer in Different Countries Around the World

By Christina Lin

Beer is a common drink of choice in many countries around the world. The World Beer Index from Expensivity compared the average price of a bottle of beer in 58 countries detailed on the map below. Researchers calculated the average price of a typical bottle of beer (11.16 oz, 330 ml) from well known brands via online stores and the Numbeo database. Local beer prices were also pulled from hotel and bar menus and the prices were converted to USD. The data shows which countries spend the most on beer per capita and just how much beer people drink.

For average beer price, South Africa took first place, having the lowest at $1.68 per bottle. This affordable price point was partially due to cultural norms of buying in bulk. Qatar takes 58th place, having the highest average beer price at $11.26 per bottle. This was because in 2019 the Muslim-majority country introduced a 100% excise tax on top the previous sales price of all alcohol imports. These prices were aimed at tourists who were entering the country due to Qatar hosting the 2022 men’s soccer World Cup. The U.S. takes 45th place, with the average beer price at $4.75.

For countries that spend the most on beer, Germany tops the list with nearly $2,000 of expenditures per capita, in part because of its strong beer culture and annual Oktoberfest celebration. Germany also prides itself on the purity of its beer, with the vast majority of brewers following the Reinheitsgebot, a centuries-old purity law that broadly stated that beer may contain only three ingredients: water, barley, and hops. The U.S. takes eighth place in the world for the highest spending on beer per capita at $1,554. Beer is also the country’s most popular alcoholic beverage. Meanwhile, Haiti takes 58th place, with the country spending $10.02 per capita.

Regarding countries that consume the most beer per capita, the Czech Republic emerged in first place, with 468 beers on average in a year or approximately 1.3 beers per day. Spain and Germany follow with 417 and 411 beers, respectively. In contrast, people in Haiti only drink about four beers yearly. This may be because they prefer something stronger as 97% of alcohol consumption in the nation comes from spirits such as rum.

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