20 Jul

July’s Mapping Contest Winner

Denver, Colorado has the reputation of being the “Mile-High City” due to its elevation in the Rocky Mountains. But just how much of Denver actually is over a mile above sea-level? Grant Garstka, with the City and County of Denver, Technology Services, answered this question in a map we are featuring as this weeks Map of the Week. A mile is 5280 feet long, and there aren’t many large scale cities higher than this in the United States, making Denver unique in this regard, and worth studying. Grant and the rest at City and County of Denver made this incredible map analyzing Denver’s elevation and other aspects of its geography. Please click on the map above to expand it.

By Grant Garstka and City and County of Denver, Technology Services.


From Grant:

“Denver – The Mile High City – resides at 5,280 feet above sea level.  Due to this fact, the number 5280 is a common sight around town.  It is a number that Denverites take pride in. It can be found in logos, t-shirts, business names and it is even the namesake of a few local brews. Despite the edification of this number, 5280 is often used without spatial meaning.  What exactly does 5280 look like?  Where is 5280 on the map?

 Using the 5,280-foot contour line, this map shows just where the mile high contour runs through the city of Denver.  Rather than simply using a Digital Elevation Model to illustrate the relief of the city, the map uses building footprint data with elevation data to highlight the urban context. In this way, the map brings together the physical landscape with the man-made to emphasize the social meaning of 5280. Two inset maps provide additional context to understanding the landscape of 5280 in Denver.”

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