16 Aug

Company Spotlight: SkyTruth

By: Ligia Clara Industrial activities such as mining and oil spills have long altered terrestrial and aquatic environments, and the damage can be partially blamed on a lack of equipment available to monitor the effects of those activities on ecosystems...
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14 Aug

Map of the Week: Booth’s London

By Nigel Jaffe If you’ve ever used Google Maps’s route planner to find directions, you’ll know there are plenty of filters you can manipulate according to your preferred travel plans, adjusting your view of the map to show bike routes...
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7 Aug

Map of the Week: Coral Reefs

By Nigel Jaffe Google Street View provides curious navigators with the ability to take photographic tours of an ever-growing portion of the world’s roads; meanwhile, thorough maps of Mercury, Mars, and the Moon (as spotlighted in the July 24 Map...
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26 Jul

Company Spotlight: UP42

By Nigel Jaffe To many people, “geospatial data” may seem a difficult concept to define. Its potential applications, meanwhile, can be even more nebulous. Both questions are easier to tackle when you realize that geospatial data, far from being a...
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