2 Jan

Company Spotlight: Navteca

By Katelyn Neff “Navteca is a woman and minority-owned technology services company focusing on emerging technologies and IT innovation, like cloud and virtual reality.” https://www.navteca.com/about The American Geographical Society recently spoke with Shayna Skolnik, co-founder, and CEO of Navteca about...
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20 Dec

Kathryn Hannum I Am Geo

I am Geography I have always acquired great joy from noticing the small details of life. Visible or invisible, the details of the spaces we inhabit are what colors our experiences. Much my worldview has been shaped from the vantage...
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13 Dec

Bob Chen I Am Geo

I am Geography I came to academic geography late, but had a strong interest in environmental issues in college, after starting out in physics. My first job after college involved assessing the environmental impacts of commercial supersonic transports, and I...
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12 Dec

Company Spotlight: Hivemapper

By Nathaly Garzon Physical changes to roads, terrain, buildings and more can occur at any moment and affect a vast array of things. More important than fresh maps, are fresh maps that know what’s changed so that’s why it’s important...
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