15 Jun

Map of the Week: Queer Owned Businesses

By Aaron Eben In today’s interconnected world, maps have become an essential tool for travelers seeking to navigate unfamiliar places. However, for members of the LGBTQ+ community, finding safe and inclusive spaces while traveling can be a challenge. Everywhere Is...
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8 Jun

Map of the Week: US Literacy Rates

  by Sara Ryan Defined as the ability to read and write, literacy is often considered as the key to freedom. Pre 1950s literacy was measured solely as alphabetical (i.e. word and letter recognition). Post 1950s, literacy transitioned to a much...
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2 Jun

Geographical Review Preview: Rent-burdened in the South? A Neighborhood-scale Analysis of Diversity and Immigrants in Nashville, Tennessee

Rental affordability has become a major concern for most Americans since the 2007–2009 recession. Minorities and immigrants, especially in some emerging destination metropolises, have suffered disproportionally from its brunt. Nashville—a prominent southern destination—has not only experienced a considerable gain in...
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31 May

Company Spotlight: Lost 52 Project

By Isobel Lu This month, the American Geographical Society had the opportunity to speak with ocean explorer, Tim Taylor, Founder of the Lost 52 Project and Tiburon Subsea. The Lost 52 Project is an exploration and archaeological project dedicated to...
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18 May

Map of the Week: Sierra Nevada Snowpack

By Aaron Eben California’s climate has long been characterized by its volatility and extreme weather patterns. In recent years, the state has experienced a devastating drought that challenged its water resources and raised concerns about water security. The state’s reservoirs...
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11 May

Map of the Week: Alcohol Consumption

By Isobel Lu The origins of making alcohol through fermentation date back to the early Egyptian civilization, and humans have since been producing alcoholic beverages for thousands of years. Today, alcohol can be made from a variety of foods, including...
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