13 Nov

Mark Safran I Am Geo

I am Geography As long as I can remember, I have loved maps. In the similar way that people are drawn to movies or books as a means to escape, maps offered me a path to mystery and wonder, to...
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28 Aug

Lee Bader I Am Geo

I am Geography I love adventures, exploring, fishing, hunting and pretty much do anything outside. Therefore, I love maps, geography, history and knowledge. I grew up in rural Southeast Missouri or Glennonville to be more precise. For my Human Geographers,...
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20 Aug

Brenda Sandy I Am Geo

I am Geography What really sparked my interest in geography as a young teen was the movie about China at the Disney’s Epcot. It showed all of the wonders of China including the Forbidden City and the Great Wall. From...
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7 Aug

Anthony Quartararo I Am Geo

I am Geography I entered Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania as a freshman without a declared major. I had cultivated a love of outdoor adventure and exploration growing up but yet still undecided about my future career path options. Prior to...
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