26 Feb

Company Spotlight: Impact Observatory

  “A young company with a desire for BIG impact.” By Nicole Oveisi American Geographical Society (AGS) had the opportunity to sit down with Impact Observatory (IO) to learn about the innovative ways the new company is helping in the...
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19 Feb

The Texas Power Failure of February 2021

By Jerome E. “Jerry” Dobson The February 2021 disaster in Texas was predictable, and in fact has been anticipated for decades. The cause lies at the geographical intersection of politics, economics, and engineering.  Once while working at Oak Ridge National...
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17 Feb

Map of the Week: World Happiness Map

By: Kelly Young Happiness is something that isn’t often associated with geography. However, geography plays a larger role in our daily happiness than we likely assume, influencing political tensions, diets and lifestyles. A map published by Visual Capitalist uses data...
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