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United Arab Emirates: Floods Drench Persian Gulf

Countries: Chile, United Arab Emirates, United States

Wednesday, 17th Apr 2024

Afghanistan-Pakistan: Severe Storms Kill Dozens

Countries: Afghanistan, Denmark, Pakistan

Tuesday, 16th Apr 2024

Iran-Israel: Iran Launches Missiles at Israel

Countries: Guatemala, Iran, Israel

Monday, 15th Apr 2024

South Korea: Opposition Parties Win Majority

Countries: Colombia, Guam, South Korea

Friday, 12th Apr 2024

Israel: Israel to Open New Crossings

Countries: Israel, Ukraine, United States

Thursday, 11th Apr 2024

Italy: Deadly Explosion at Power Plant

Countries: Italy, United States

Wednesday, 10th Apr 2024

Mozambique: 100+ Dead After Ferry Capsizes

Countries: Kazakhstan, Mozambique, Russia

Tuesday, 9th Apr 2024

Ukraine: Drone Attack on Nuclear Plant

Countries: Ukraine, United States

Monday, 8th Apr 2024

Denmark: Strait Closed After Missile Failure

Countries: Denmark, United States

Friday, 5th Apr 2024

Zimbabwe: Drought State of Emergency

Countries: Myanmar, São Tomé and Príncipe, Zimbabwe

Thursday, 4th Apr 2024

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