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Ukraine: Tensions Rise at Nuclear Plant

Countries: Australia, Cuba, Russia, Ukraine, United States

Tuesday, 9th Aug 2022

Israel: Strikes in Gaza Stopped for Truce

Countries: China, Finland, Israel, Taiwan

Monday, 8th Aug 2022

Germany: Munitions Set Berlin Forest Fire

Countries: Chile, Germany, Tanzania, Thailand

Friday, 5th Aug 2022

Iceland: Volcano Erupts near Reyjavik

Countries: Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Iceland, Saudi Arabia

Thursday, 4th Aug 2022

Taiwan: Pelosi Visit Raises Tensions

Countries: China, Fiji, Taiwan, United States

Wednesday, 3rd Aug 2022

Afghanistan: Al-Qaeda Leader Killed

Countries: Afghanistan, Denmark, Israel, Poland, United States

Tuesday, 2nd Aug 2022

United States: Kentucky Flood Kills 30

Countries: Democratic Republic of the Congo, Turkey, United States

Monday, 1st Aug 2022

Taiwan: Warships in South China Sea

Countries: China, Colombia, Nepal, Taiwan

Friday, 29th Jul 2022

Ukraine: Push to Retake Kherson

Countries: Canada, Russia, Ukraine, United States

Thursday, 28th Jul 2022

Philippines: Strong Earthquake Kills 5

Countries: Croatia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Netherlands, Philippines

Wednesday, 27th Jul 2022

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