1 Mar

AGS Statement on the Invasion of Ukraine

The American Geographical Society wholeheartedly condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as an unprovoked war of choice, and calls upon the Russian Geographical Society (RGS) to remove President Vladimir Putin as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of RGS. By distorting the historical record and well established geographical facts, and fabricating supposed provocations, President Putin has needlessly sent young Russian soldiers to die as they attempt to slaughter innocent Ukrainian men, women, and children. President Putin does this to rewrite the geography of Russia through the violation of its neighbor’s sovereign borders, in order to advance his personal ambitions, while peaceful Russian citizens take to the streets in an appeal to live in harmony with their neighbors and cultural cousins. President Putin’s behavior is contrary to the values of free nations of the world, and denies the rights of Ukrainians to live in peace within their territorial state.