21 Apr

AGS’s Statement on the George Floyd Trial Verdict

The American Geographical Society (AGS) understands and acknowledges that no verdict or outcome can replace the life of George Floyd, nor return him to his family. However, holding the ex-Minnesota Police Officer Derek Chauvin accountable for his actions in the nine minutes and twenty-nine seconds on May 25, 2020 may facilitate the healing process.

While a measure of accountability was served, equal justice is necessary. America deserves a justice system that is fair, equitable, and JUST for all.

Recognizing this is an inflection point in our society, AGS embraces this moment and will continue to work towards positive change and a more equitable future in our spheres of influence.

We encourage you to join us on your journey by participating in the GeoConvergence Workshop and our fall symposium, Geography 2050: Towards a More Equitable Future.