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American Geographical Society Announces Chair-Elect and President-Elect


American Geographical Society Announces Chair-Elect and President-Elect

Description: The American Geographical Society announced the election of Dr. Christopher Tucker, founder of MapStory and Dr. Marie Price of George Washington University as Chair-Elect and President-Elect, respectively, of the American Geographical Society.

[New York City, NY] – [March 10, 2016] — The American Geographical Society (AGS) announces the election of Dr. Christopher K. Tucker and Dr. Marie Daly Price as the Chair-Elect and President-Elect respectively of the Society. It is expected that Dr. Tucker and Dr. Price will be formally elected to their new positions of Chair and President at the Annual Meeting of the Society in June 2016. Dr. Tucker will succeed Mr. John Gould who has been Chairman of AGS since 1996. Dr. Price will succeed Dr. Jerome Dobson who has served as the Society’s President since 2002. Both Mr. Gould and Dr. Dobson will remain on the Council as Past Chairman and Past President respectively and on its Executive Committee.

Dr. Price is a Professor of Geography and International Affairs at the George Washington University, and is a is a non-resident fellow of the Migration Policy Institute, a non-partisan think tank that focuses on immigration issues based in Washington, D.C. She has served on the AGS Council since 1995, and has acted as Vice President since 2010.

Dr. Tucker manages Yale House Ventures, a portfolio of social ventures and technology companies that span the worlds of energy, geospatial, sensor, cyber-security, open source, and social media technologies, across the domains of defense/intelligence, international affairs, civilian government, commercial industry, NGOs, and academe. He is the also the founder of the MapStory Foundation, and has served on the AGS Council since 2013.

“AGS has been lucky to have the leadership of John and Jerry for so many years,” noted Dr. John Konarski, Executive Director of AGS. “Both of them have been absolutely instrumental in ensuring that AGS continue its geographical leadership of over 164 years. They join a long line of exceptional historical figures who have held these positions over time and helped shape the nature of the discipline of geography as well as influence public policy, foreign policy and technology. Drs. Tucker and Price will find that the foundation built by John and Jerry will serve them well as they lead AGS in new endeavors” added Dr. Konarski.

Established in 1851, the American Geographical Society is the oldest professional geographical organization in the United States. It is recognized world-wide as a pioneer in geographical research and education in geography for over 163 years. The mission of AGS is to advance geographic knowledge and the recognition of its importance in the contemporary world. AGS promotes the use of geography in business, government, science, and education with a goal to enhance the nation’s geographic literacy so as to engender sound public policy, national security, and human well-being worldwide. AGS is the only organization focused on bringing together academics, business people, those who influence public policy (including leaders in local, state and federal government, not-for-profit organizations and the media), and the general public for the express purpose of furthering the understanding of the role of geography in our lives. AGS provides leadership to frame the national discussion of the growing importance of geography and geo-spatial tools. The Society maintains its headquarters in Brooklyn Heights, New York.


Dr. Marie Price, President-Elect


Dr. Christopher Tucker, Chairman-Elect


Dr. Jerome Dobson, President


Mr. John Gould, Esq., Chairman

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