11 Sep

Dr Joshua S. Campbell & his Key Role in the Proposed AP GIS&T Course!

GENIPThe Geography Education National Implementation Project (GENIP) is a coordinating committee with representatives from the AAG, American Geographical Society, the National Council for Geographic Education, and the National Geographic Society.  GENIP has recently received a request from The College Board for a proposal to develop a new Advanced Placement course in Geographic Information Science and Technology (GIS&T).

The AAG are recruiting for a second committee to perform an expert review of the AP GIS&T course proposal prior to its submission to ensure a high-quality application. Prospective reviewers are nominated and recommended by the coordinating committee owing to their excellent knowledge of GIS education and the Advanced Placement program. Here at American Geographical Society we are delighted to nominate Dr. Joshua S. Campbell to serve on the Proposal Reviewer Committee.070177d

We believe Dr. Campbell would make a celebrated addition to the reviewing committee, with over 15 years of experience working with geo-spatial technologies and being a recognized expert with both open source and proprietary software.

His background encompasses a range of geographic information science and technology topics including data collection, spatial analysis, remote sensing, geo-statistics, visualization, web mapping, and data sharing. He shares his extensive knowledge teaching both undergraduate and graduate level courses in GIS and Remote Sensing at the University of Kansas. He currently consults with the World Bank and other U.S. government clients, and has worked previously with the journalism, wind power, electrical transmission, hydrology, ecology, and archaeological industries.

His newest project has proved an exemplary mapping initiative that has been quintessential in changing the way data is shared and accessed across the U.S. He has built and deployed enterprise scale geographic computing infrastructures at the University of Kansas and the U.S. Department of State.

While at the State Department, Dr. Campbell created MapGive, a pioneering crowdsource mapping initiative designed to catalyze open geographic data production to support the humanitarian, development, and disaster risk reduction communities. (See the video below!)

His notion coupled with sheer determination to harness the benefits of data in real life emergency situations are indicative of Dr. Campbell’s belief in the power of data share and GIS&T. We believe his expert eye, innovative nature, commitment to help those in need and his utmost faith in GIS will thus make an undoubted asset to the committee.

With GIS&T an increasingly vital part of everyday life as well as an intrinsic part of the geographical forum, we are extremely excited by the new AP proposal. Good luck not only to Dr. Campbell, but to all involved in this fantastic opportunity! Here at AGS we look forward to hearing of the developments throughout the process.


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