20 Dec

Farewell to Fall 2016 Scholar-Interns

Vivian Chen

IMG_7302My time with AGS has come to an end, and I am very happy to have been able to have the experience of working with John, Anastasia, Mariesa, and Lerone. From going through and editing databases to all the hard work that went into planning the symposium, it was amazing seeing it come together in the end.

Over the past semester, I have improved both my professional and academic skills through interviewing for company, non-profit, and councilor spotlights, preparing for the Geography 2050 Symposium, and updating the Connect2Conserve website. For our final project, Lerone and I collaborated on an interactive map of all the companies and non-profit organizations that AGS worked with for the Spotlight articles. We hope that AGS and its viewers enjoy browsing through the different articles!

I wish the best for AGS and look forward to the innovative work it will develop. I am especially excited to see its Facebook page grow and expand to involve more people! Thank you, AGS, for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the team.

Lerone Savage


I cherish the time that I spend with AGS over the last couple months. I got the opportunity to  learn from council members and  leaders at various companies and non-profits. More importantly, I worked with a team of brilliant, innovative individuals who are diligently working to advance geographical awareness and understanding.   

I enjoyed the opportunities I have gotten to contribute to the different sections of this AGS whether it be the map of the week to work involving the symposium. I wish AGS the best going forward. I thank John, Anastasia, Mariesa, and Vivian for sharing in this unforgettable and insightful experience. I am glad to become apart of this family that is passionate about promoting geography.

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