28 Dec

Henry Luce Foundation Grant for TeenMaptivists Initiative Press Release

The American Geographical Society (AGS) has received a $200,000 Henry Luce Foundation Grant for the TeenMaptivists initiative! This project is set to start in January 2024 in five high schools around the country, with a focus on introducing girls to GeoSTEM technologies and data through OpenStreetMap (OSM) based activism. This initiative builds on established findings that young women are more inclined to get involved in geospatial data and technology when they contribute to open-source humanitarian mapping projects or projects with an explicit activism component. During this initial phase, TeenMaptivists chapters, their activities, their GeoSTEM learning pathways, and the resources required for their success will be prototyped, with the intent of working with the 3,000-strong APHG teacher community to scale this concept nationally during subsequent phases.

Access the TeenMaptivists Press Release here: TeenMaptivists_PressRelease