29 Apr

In Honor of Lee Schwartz’s Career Achievements









By Jerome Dobson

The Geographer of the United States routinely provides information to all branches of government and to the president that is essential to understand the world for governance, commerce, foreign policy, diplomacy, and humanitarian relief. The Office itself grew out of the concerted efforts of government, business, and academia during World War I to rise above the nation’s isolationist past and negotiate face to face with eminent world powers. Through extraordinary cooperation, the U. S. Department of State, military intelligence agencies, academicians, and American Geographical Society secured America’s place of influence at the Paris Peace Conference. Afterward, their separate public/private efforts were coalesced into the Office of the Geographer at the U. S. Department of State. Today, the Office of the Geographer and Global Issues is headed by Dr. Lee Schwartz, whose title is The Geographer of the United States. Under his leadership, the Office remains a vital resource for government and point of pride for the discipline of geography. Dr. Lee Schwartz ranks as one of the finest leaders, geographers, and proponents of geography ever to hold the title. In April 2024 he was honored by the American Association of Geographers with a special achievement award recognizing “an impactful career supporting geography for diplomacy.” He serves as ex-officio Councilor of the American Geographical Society. He is a friend to all.