27 Jan

Introducing Glenn Liu: AGS Spring Scholar-Intern



Greetings!  My name is Glenn Liu, and I grew up in Queens, New York.  I was drawn into geography through the beautifully illustrated maps found on the backside of book covers.  In this respect, I was an “armchair geographer” that enjoyed getting lost in the crosshatched coves and dense, stippled forests of these imagined landscapes.  

These interests have led me to pursue an Environmental Studies degree with a focus on Earth Science at Hunter College.  I am also minoring in archaeology, math, and music.  As a student of the Earth Sciences that is fascinated with geomorphology and oceanography, I have become aware of the crucial role that spatial data and visualization plays in both the analyses of changing landscapes and the communication of research products.  Interestingly, the course that cemented my interest in all things spatial was actually an interdisciplinary colloquium titled “Map Reading, Reading Maps.” The course took a critical look at both the history of cartography and the representation of geography in diverse source materials ranging from Greek mythology to the plays of Shakespeare to 20th century metafiction.  

I look forward to interning at the American Geographical Society and will be sharing innovative and inspirational geography-related startups and nonprofits through the Company Spotlights of our UBIQUE blog.  

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  1. Congratulations Glenn! You have made your parents and all your teachers very proud! Follow your passion!

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