3 Feb

Introducing James Eager: AGS Spring Scholar-Intern


My name is James Eager and I am a junior at Hofstra University studying Sustainability, Global Studies, and Geography with a concentration in GIS. I was born in Cali, Colombia and raised in suburban Connecticut. With a passion for the environment and spatial interactions, my interests became my studies as I research the relationships between people and their surroundings on global and regional scales. From trade to transportation, every facet of our lives is related. I’m interested in mapping these relationships to better understand them, and better understand the changes we may need to make moving forward.

Learning about these relationships from a so-called “ivory tower” is one thing. Traveling can open one’s eyes to far deeper significance in lifestyles, cultures, and communication. My time in Colombia in particular has been spent in old colonial villages, Andean mountain ranges, progressing universities, and Ministries in the nations capitol, Bogotá. I spent a weekend learning how to cook healthy and sustainably-sourced meals with a family of sustainable farmers in the Farallones de Cali, attended meetings with ministerial advisors and union leaders in Bogotá, and explored along the cobbled roads of an old colonial town in Boyacá. While Colombia and the United States hold important places in my life, I strive to apply the same eagerness to learn towards the rest of the world.

I have previously worked and interned with Hofstra University researching environmental history on Long Island and “green wall” urban gardening; Yale University researching flows of people, capital, and goods in Afghanistan; and Citizen’s Campaign for the Environment knocking on doors in southern Connecticut to raise support for local and national environmental initiatives. I hope to learn more about how I can express spatial relationships and modern problems on a more accessible level while at AGS.

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