1 Jun

Introducing Mariesa Outridge: AGS Summer Scholar-Intern


Hi fellow geographers! My name is Mariesa Outridge and I am from Staten Island, NY. Growing up, I was fortunate enough to have opportunities to travel outside of the country. As an 8-year-old child, I saw, and got sick in, Africa (my curious child-sized hands had fun playing with ox bones on the floor and then putting those same hands into my mouth).  Africa opened my mind up to a whole new world outside of New York-the concrete jungle. I developed from this age a love for animals because of the diverse quality of life I was able to observe.

Once I got older, I started realizing that many people do not have the opportunity to delve into other countries and cultures. We are all fascinated by the world globe, but geography is not a subject that many people are too excited for growing up. This needs to change. I am starting my internship with the American Geographical Society eager to spread awareness on geography. I am honored to be a part of such an influential, wide-spread Society.

I am currently heading into my last semester at Hunter College where I study environmental science. My personal interests in the field include oceanography and GIS mapping. Using GIS technology, it is possible to make difficult (at some times, possibly abstract) ideas simple and easily digestible. In this way, we geographers are able to teach the general public how important it is for us to take care of our Earth.

A hot topic among disciplines such as science and politics has been climate change. I think that too many people do not understand how important the actions we take today truly are for the long run. “The past catches up with you” is pertinent in the face of climate change. Work on this topic, like any other topic, calls for help from a multi-disciplinary group. I hope to increase awareness and knowledge on this issue as well as other hot topics in geography during my time at AGS.

Look out for new and exciting material to come across the American Geographical Society’s homepage, UBIQUE and Connect2Conserve where my fellow interns and I will be collaboratively updating you with exciting and new content!

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