14 Sep

Introducing Timur Pozhidaev: AGS Fall Scholar-Intern

Timur Pozhidaev

Timur Pozhidaev at AGS Headquarters

Hi, my name is Timur Pozhidaev. I was born in the furthest place from any ocean in the world (if Gulf of Ob is not considered as ocean) – the Altai Mountains, Russia. If you imagine Switzerland without all its infrastructure that’s how the Altai Mountains would look like. Altai region is famous for its turquoise river – Katun. The color of water does not come from light scattering (why the sky is blue) nor dissolved elements and compounds (such as copper). Pure water actually derives its color from, and is the only known example of, natural color caused by vibrational transitions. Vibrational transitions have to do with the molecular form of water.

Hiking, skiing, running, cycling, rafting, horse riding, wild berry picking, and many other environmental activities, were taught by my true-geographer grandfather who developed the love of nature, environment and anthropology in me.

Love of geography, explorations, and adventures helped me to achieve many goals and led me to study geography in Altai State University, and eventually led me to the United States. First, I studied classical music at Mannes College for Music. Currently, I am a graduate geography student at Hunter College, City University of New York. My current thesis is oriented on traditional Geographical science, I am focusing on the aesthetic perception of urban places.

Most recently I worked as a community organizer for the New York Public Interest Research group (NYPIRG), where we worked on a new initiative: Reforming the Energy Vision (REV). I am looking forward to helping make the world of geography stronger. I hope to experience what is like to be a true geographer in the United States.

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