25 Jun

Welcome, Summer 2021 AGS Scholar-Interns!

Throughout the year, the American Geographical Society maintains a staff of Scholar-Interns to keep things humming and to help advance our mission to aid geographical understanding. Our interns help report on the news of the day for DailyGeo, produce new content for our regular Map of the Week and Company Spotlight features, constantly update our social media outlets, create new graphics for our events and initiatives, and help keep our internal contact lists and resources organized.

This summer, we’re happy to welcome three stellar scholar-interns who’ve already put in wonderful work.

Nina Edward is a fourth year student of Geography at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. Her research interests include historical and human geographies, more specifically colonial and postcolonial studies. Apart from her geographical endeavours, she is the co-director of the TEDxUniversityofStAndrews annual conference. She is originally from Greenwich, Connecticut. As a student of Geography in the UK, Nina understands the importance the discipline of geography holds abroad. She greatly admires the mission of AGS and the work AGS does to express this importance and understanding in an American context. Her favourite thing about geography is how interdisciplinary it is- everything has a geographical element to it, and looking at things through a geographical lens can help us understand our world better. 

“I never had the option to take a geography class in high school, but upon studying abroad for university I quickly fell in love with the discipline. I am so thrilled to be interning with AGS this summer, as I have a deep respect for their mission and work on advancing geographical knowledge in the United States. Geography is such an important and all-encompassing discipline and I can not wait to help AGS spread the ‘gospel’ of geography here in America.”

Samantha Hinton was born and raised in New York City where she graduated from The Spence School. She currently attends Trinity College Dublin, where her studies are focusing on both Human and Physical Geography. At Trinity, she is a Student 2 Student Mentor and a member of their Geographical Society. Next year, she will spend her second semester at Utrecht University in The Netherlands. Samantha chose to apply for geography because she is passionate about appreciating the outdoors. With geography, she strives to learn more about the intersection and impact between humans, space, and the environment. While not working, she enjoys traveling, making art, and playing sports.

Kallie O’Donnell is a senior at Syracuse University’s Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs where she majors in Policy Studies and minors in Geography. Throughout her college career, Kallie has worked on community and economic development projects within the City of Syracuse. Her most recent project was working to start a Farm to School program within the Syracuse City School District! While her main area of interest is urban development and community geography, Kallie looks forward to learning more about all subfields of geography throughout this summer with AGS. 

“I love geography because it allows us to examine how the past still impacts people today. Geography reminds us of lasting impact.”