18 Mar

Introducing the newest Geobadge: YouthMappers

The American Geographical Society (AGS) is proud to report on its newest addition to GeoBadges, the YouthMappers badge. GeoBadges is a platform hosted by AGS, which brings together and recognizes learners of all ages for their skills and service within the broad field of geography.


Prof Richard Hinton and Prof Nuala Cowan with student in GWU Spatial Analysis lab

This new group of GeoBadges was created by YouthMappers, a global community of university students, faculty, and scholars who create and use open geographic data and analyses that addresses locally defined development challenges worldwide.  YouthMappers is a network which provides students the opportunity to connect with like-minded mapping enthusiasts globally through campus chapters and offers a built-in framework that helps sustain volunteer mapping efforts that are directly linked to actual data needs in developing countries. Dr. Patricia Solís of Texas Tech University and Director of YouthMappers states the program leverages the energy and intellect of university students and may make it easier to secure and encourage the return of volunteers who will continue to be involved and acquire additional knowledge through the program. She goes on to say “We don’t just build maps. We build mappers.”


Student participating in YouthMappers

Through the AGS Geobadges platform, those involved in YouthMappers chapters can now receive recognition for their hard work in promoting the information and skills associated with open geographic data mapping. The three new GeoBadges being featured are YouthMappers Organizer, YouthMappers Mentor and YouthMappers Founder. The Organizer badge recognizes members who have organized mapping events such as a mapathon, a map-off, local participatory mapping, teaching sessions, or other organized mapping activity.  The mentor badge can be claimed by individuals that have helped mentor
and foster their peers’ abilities in mapping. The third badge, YouthMapper Founder, acknowledges a student that has established a new YouthMapper campus chapter, therefore continuing the momentum of spreading the knowledge of mapping. Those who acquire the GeoBadges credentials are not only acknowledged by AGS for their work but also by other accredited geographical organizations. The badge can be uploaded to social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and shared with friends and colleagues.


YouthMappers is supported by the US Agency for International Development’s GeoCenter and was co-founded by Texas Tech, George Washington University, and West Virginia University.  Affiliation is free.  For more information see www.youthmappers.org or write to mappers.vpr@ttu.edu.

For those interested in learning more about Geobadges, contact Ms. Anastasia Tom at atom@americangeo.org .